SEYCHELLES: Workshop di Fotografia di Paesaggio | 18-26.03.2023 |
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A whole week exploring and shooting 3 of the most beautiful islands on the planet, without haste, noise, distractions. Photographing freely, according to the rhythms dictated by light, in a completely different dimension. An unforgettable workshop.

The Seychelles islands are often associated, in the collective imagination, with a corner of paradise and those who have been there, like us, can only agree. We are well aware that this choice, proposing a landscape photography workshop in "exotic" places such as these, may, erroneously, seem more like the proposal of a journey of pure pleasure and relaxation, rather than a workshop to deepen the landscape photographic genre. In reality these islands, unparalleled earthly representations of the concept of Beauty, are a perfect stage for improving oneself in photography. Between white beaches, some recognized as the most beautiful ever, luxuriant and emerald vegetation, unimaginable granite shapes, with the background of the waves breaking on the reef in the distance, the moments of discovery of a new "feeling" follow each other. after another. It is a workshop that will make use of the enchanting settings of the islands to lead the participants to the creation of emotionally pregnant images, interpretations of an extremely simple and minimal reality that offers itself, in the quality of all its elements, to the photographic gesture of deep breath .
Of the entire archipelago, located in the western Indian Ocean just below the equator, the most attractive islands will be visited.
We will explore the lush Praslin, full of beaches and magnificent sea views, moving by minibus, staying overnight in strategically placed chalets on the sea. We will then move by sea to the enchanting and tiny LaDigue, where there are no means of transport other than bicycles; here you will spend the night in a renowned charming hotel. LaDigue is an island, a part of the world, from which it is impossible to leave without leaving a piece of yourself: pedaling under a dense forest of palm trees to arrive at Anse source d'Argent, the most beautiful beach in the world, is a indelible experience. And then the colors of the light, the sensations on the skin, the mild temperatures, the hospitality, the Creole cuisine.
Last day in Mahè, the big island, to grasp customs, habits, rhythms of life.
This is a new destination, a workshop that offers a lot and in which we strongly believe, a new joint that we would like to recommend and guarantee.

chalet / charme hotel


Difficulty levels:
No difficult walks are planned.

Number of participants:
Up to 8 students

Duration: 7 (9 con i voli) days
03/18/23 – 03/26/23

Visited places: Seychelles

Most fascinating islands

Workshop Price: €2290

30% registration down payment by january 18,2023
Full payment 30 days before the departure.

Tour Leader:
Riccardo IMPROTA


Payment Method:



Visited places:

Most fascinating islands

Day 1: 03/18/23 Departure to the Seychelles
Day 2: 03/19/23 Arrival in Mahè, transfer by boat to the island of Praslin, minibus collection, luggage drop off at the hotel, relax time. Afternoon of photographic excursion. Dinner and overnight stay
Day 3: 03/20/23 Day entirely dedicated to shooting in various areas of the island, reached independently with the hired minibus. Return to the hotel, dinner and review of the work. Overnight.
Day 4: 03/21/23 Day entirely dedicated to shooting in various areas of the island, reached independently with the hired minibus. Return to the hotel, dinner. Possibility of night shooting. Overnight.
Day 5: 03/22/23 Release of the rented vehicle and transfer to the island of LaDigue. Luggage drop-off in a charming hotel. Rental bikes. Scouting of the small island and 2 shooting. Return to the hotel for dinner. Review of the work done. Overnight
Day 6: 03/23/23 Day entirely dedicated to shooting in various areas of the island, reached independently by bicycle. Return to the hotel, dinner. Possibility of night shooting. Overnight.
Day 7: 03/24/23 Day entirely dedicated to shooting in various areas of the island, reached independently by bicycle. Return to the hotel in the evening. Dinner and review of the work done. Overnight.
Day 8: 03/25/23 Last shooting early morning. Transfer to the island of Mahè. Baggage drop and visit to the city of Victoria, shooting on the road. Evening transfer to the airport and return flights.
Day 9: 03/26/23 Destination arrival

What is included in the trip


  • Photo Workshopconstant professional support

  • 6 nights accommodationcharme hotel

  • All breakfast and dinnersquality service in hotel

  • Transfer from/to airport

  • Tranportation during the workshopboat, minibus, bicycle

  • Photo revisionHD projections


  • Flights

  • Trip Cancellation, Baggage loss and Medical Expense Insurance

  • fast lunch

Important informations

FLIGHTS: Flights are not included in the workshop price. As soon as the minimum number of participants is reached, the tour will be confirmed and it will be possible to purchase your tickets. Once the trip is confirmed, timetables for departures and arrivals will be given, which all participants absolutely have to follow. The organization cannot guarantee to pick up delayers or take participants to the airports before the due schedule. The arrival/departure airport is International Seychelles Airport (SEZ).

VEHICLES: a self-drive formula is suggested for significant cost cutting. If necessary, some participants might be asked to be available for driving, showing their credit card as a guarantee. All vehicles are totally covered by insurance with zero co-pay. Without any volunteers, local drivers will be hired, with a significant cost increase.

Supplemental fees

SINGLE ROOM SUPPLEMENT €460. The trip price provides for a double room treatment. A request for a single room accommodation, considering the limited vacancies, will be managed with a chronological request order and implies this supplement. The participants will always be assisted in searching for a roommate. If there are no availabilities, you will be promptly informed, and the fee from a double to a single room will change accordingly.



  • Macchina fotografica

  • Ottiche a corredo

  • Cavalletto robusto

  • Scatto flessibile o telecomando

  • Caricabatterie macchina fotografica

  • Hard Disk o pendrive capiente

  • Schede di memoria


  • Abbigliamento a strati

  • Un capo caldo

  • Calzature leggere

  • Copricapo estivo

  • Occhiali da sole

  • Costume da bagno

  • Borraccia

  • Antizanzare

  • Crema solare

  • Senso dello humour

  • Passione nel fotografare

  • Voglia di scoprire luoghi unici

Available(on demand)

  • Sistema Leica M Monochrom

  • Apple MacBook Pro

  • Supporti Gitzo e Manfrotto

  • Gigapan Pro


The down payment implies a commitment to participate to the workshop, which is coordinated by JustBookAndTravel travel agency. JustBookAndTravel adopts the following penal policy in case of cancellation by a participant: 50% up to 30 days from the departure, 70% up to 15 days from the departure, 100% from 14 before the departure.
Participants are kindly asked not to purchase tickets before our final confirmation.


What described above is the planned trip program. We reserve the right to modify it in case of sudden events beyond our control. The reported details on these pages could be subject to change and discounting without notification. We reserve the right to cancel the tour in case the minimum number of participants is not reached. All participants have to take the trip in good health conditions and must be able to carry their equipment autonomously during the walks. Participants are kindly asked not to purchase tickets before our final confirmation.

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