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The Namib, the ancient desert on Earth. No other part of Africa deals so many photographic approaches as this side of Namibia. A 4x4 workshop, sharing dry campings in roof tent and charme lodges, organized to expertise landscape photography on stage, in a full contact with a surprising and incredible nature.

Namibia is a country with boundless territories, among the least populated on the planet. Dominated by a central skeleton of plateaus, it extends to the west in the Namib desert to touch the Atlantic, facing east on the immense Kalahari. It is a geographical area with an irresistible charm, an authentic other part of the world. The Namib, the "land of nothingness", has been dry for 80 million years. The Namib-Naukluft National Park, the most explored area in our workshop, represents its most striking landscape interest. The tour will move from Windhoek to the more remote areas of the park, where there is no accommodation facility, using 4x4 vehicles equipped to stay on the roof tent. This experience, made of direct and continuous contact with the local nature, will allow the participants to fully immerse themselves in new rhythms and to begin to understand lights, colors and shapes of the Namibian desert. So many shooting sessions and the chance, crossing immense esplanades, to come across ostriches, giraffes, gazelles, oryxes, zebras; in this area there are no cats. We will then head south, arriving at the most famous and celebrated area of ​​Namibia: the Sossusvlei area. Overnight in an exclusive lodge, the last before nothing, you will have the opportunity to make excursions to discover the very high red dunes and the most famous Vlei, some of the most unlikely scenarios on the planet. The chosen shooting areas will be tackled at different times of the day, from before sunrise to late sunset, with the aim of refining the perception of different African light. With all the necessary time available, each participant will be guided to the best realization of their images. Then, along one of the most scenic dirt roads, we will leave towards the Kanaan reserve, a condensation of desert visions. This splendid private reality, where you will spend the night in an equipped campsite, manages and preserves intact a vast and enchanting territory, which will be explored through personalized tours. The last stage of the workshop, going back to the capital, will be a view of the great Kalahari, a different reality, with a more vivid nature and different colors, but no less exciting. Overnight at an equipped campsite and, the following morning, return to the airport for departure. An experience in Africa programmed and organized with the same passion as always. A photographic adventure that leaves its mark.

Charme lodge - Roof tent

4x4 camping equipped vehicles

Difficulty levels:
No difficult walks are planned. Possible easy walks in the nature for about three hours. Most overnight stays will be in roof tent (comfortable roof tents mounted on 4x4 vehicles)

Number of participants:
Up to 10 students

Duration: 10 days
12/09/19 – 12/18/19

Visited places: Namibia

Windhoek, Namib-Naukluft park, Sesriem, Sossusvlei, Deadvlei, Hiddenvlei, Kanaan, Kalahari.

Workshop Price: 42400 ZAR (Southafrican Rand)

20% registration down payment by june 5, 2019
Full payment 60 days before the departure.

Tour Leader:
Riccardo IMPROTA


Payment Method:



Visited places:

Windhoek, Namib-Naukluft park, Sesriem, Sossusvlei, Deadvlei, Hiddenvlei, Kanaan, Kalahari.

Day 1: 12/09/19 Departure to Namibia
Day 2: 12/10/19 Arrival at Windhoek international airport, meeting with the tour guide. Set off to Namib Naukluft Park. Free lunch. Shooting in location. Dinner and overnight in roof tent.
Day 3: 12/11/19 Scenic shooting at sunrise. Breakfast and shooting in 2 wonderful locations until sunset. Dinner. Night shooting. Photo revision. Overnight in roof tent.
Day 4: 12/12/19 Scenic shooting at sunrise. Breakfast and fast set off to Sesriem, running in off road on wonderful roads. Shooting on the road. Afternoon arrival at charme lodge. Swimming pool relax. Dinner and overnight.
Day 5: 12/13/19 Early set off 2 hours before sunrise to Sossusvlei. All of the day completely dedicated to shooting in the best locations until sunset. Dinner. Photo revision. Overnight.
Day 6: 12/14/19 Early set off 2 hours before sunrise to Sossusvlei. Back to lodge for breakfast, packing and set off to Kanaan. Shooting on the fantastic 707 road. Arrival at equipped camping. Dinner. Overnight in roof tent.
Day 7: 12/15/19 Shooting day in the reserve, from sunrise to sunset. Dinner. Photo Revision. Overnight in roof tent.
Day 8: 12/16/19 Breakfast and setoff to Kalahari. Shooting on the road. Arrival at equipped camping and late afternoon shooting. Last dinner. Night Shooting. Overnight in roof tent.
Day 9: 12/17/19 To the Windhoek international airport. Return of the hired vehicles and departure flight.
Day 10: 12/18/19 Arrival at destination

What is included in the trip


  • Photo Workshopconstant professional support

  • 7-night accommodationCharme lodge - Roof tent

  • 4x4 camping equipped vehicles

  • Fuel

  • Breakfast, dinnerplus 2 lunches in the desert


  • Flights

  • Lunches

  • Drinks and Tips

  • Trip Cancellation, Baggage loss and Medical Expense Insurancecompulsory

  • Optional activitieshot air balloon - guided tours

Important informations

FLIGHTS: Flights are not included in the workshop price. As soon as the minimum number of participants is reached, the tour will be confirmed and it will be possible to purchase your tickets. Once the trip is confirmed, timetables for departures and arrivals will be given, which all participants absolutely have to follow. The organization cannot guarantee to pick up delayers or take participants to the airports before the due schedule. The arrival/departure airport is Windhoek international airport.

VEHICLES: a self-drive formula is suggested for significant cost cutting. If necessary, some participants might be asked to be available for driving, showing their credit card as a guarantee. All vehicles are totally covered by insurance with zero co-pay. Without any volunteers, local drivers will be hired, with a significant cost increase.
BAGGAGE: With the exception of the Sesriem lodge, all the overnight stays of the workshop will be on a roof-tent campsite (equipped tents mounted on the roofs of 4x4 vehicles). It is advisable to organize your baggage by addressing a range of clothing and personal items that is strictly necessary.
PARTICIPATION: It is reiterated that participating in this workshop requires a spirit of adaptation and willingness to participate in all daily chores.

Supplemental fees

The overnight stay in a campsite includes 2 roof tent for 2 people per vehicle. For overnight stays in the lodge it is possible to opt for a single treatment without additional charges.
The price of the trip is calculated on a base of 6 participants. In the event that the minimum fee is not reached, a re-modulation of the price will be offered to the participants, for a small group of 4-5 people.



  • Macchina fotografica

  • Ottiche a corredo

  • Cavalletto robusto

  • Scatto flessibile o telecomando

  • Caricabatterie macchina fotografica

  • Hard Disk o pendrive capiente

  • Schede di memoria


  • Giubbotto o giacca a vento

  • Indumenti con tasche

  • Abbigliamento a strati

  • Un capo caldo

  • Pantaloni convertibili

  • Pantaloni pesanti

  • Scarponcini trekking

  • Calzature leggere

  • Copricapo estivo

  • Occhiali da sole

  • Tuta o pigiama pesante

  • Costume da bagno

  • Borraccia

  • Antizanzare

  • Crema solare

  • Asciugamani in microfibra

  • Salviette inumidite

  • Senso dello humour

  • Passione nel fotografare

  • Voglia di scoprire luoghi unici

  • Capacità di adattamento

Available(on demand)

  • Sistema Leica M Monochrom

  • Apple MacBook Pro

  • Apple iPad Air2

  • Supporti Gitzo e Manfrotto


To subscribe the Workshop, a non-refundable 20% deposit must be paid by June 5, 2019. The deposit payment is a commitment to participate, with payment of the balance by October 9, 2019.
This trip is coordinated by Sauvage Travel, tour operator based in Windhoek. The cancellation policy applied is as follows:
cancellation prior to 2 months before departure - loss of deposit;
cancellations from 59 to 31 days before - 50% penalty;
cancellations from 30 days onwards - 100% penalty
We suggest that you take out insurance that covers the cancellation penalties. It is possible to do it online and the suggested sites are:


What described above is the planned trip program. We reserve the right to modify it in case of sudden events beyond our control. The reported details on these pages could be subject to change and discounting without notification. We reserve the right to cancel the tour in case the minimum number of participants is not reached. For reasons beyond our control, as tax variations and/or tax percentages variations, we reserve the right to update the trip price. All participants have to take the trip in good health conditions and must be able to carry their equipment autonomously during the walks.

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