DEATH VALLEY (USA): Workshop di Fotografia di Paesaggio 5-14 aprile 2019 - SLPW
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Death Valley

Come with us and make a dream come true. Aggregate on this 8-day expedition in Death Valley aboard a Truck Camper, vehicles that make exploration and free permeability possible in the most remote scenarios, without limits. An unpublished workshop, a signing experience, an inevitable appointment.

The Death Valley covers, in the collective imagination of all lovers of landscape photography, a very special role. Set between the federal states of California and Nevada, made famous by the myths of the gold diggers, immortalized by the great masters of photography and celebrated by great directors, it is a real mecca for those who make photography and travel a supporting motif of one's being. Death Valley National Park, the photographic area of ​​this workshop, stretches for about 170 km and 40 in width. It is therefore not huge, but rather challenging to explore: very few asphalt roads, which lead to wonderful and easily accessible scenarios. The rest of the backcountry, the most remote and astonishing areas, are accessible only with special permits with suitable vehicles. Combining the ability to travel without limitation to the freedom to stay in distant places with ad hoc logistics, we have chosen to organize this adventure in Truck Camper. These vehicles, camper cells mounted on large four-wheel drive pick-ups, will allow us to realize our dream. We will be divided into crews, each with 2/3 participants, and our crazy convoy will move everywhere. It is not an experience for everyone: the success of the workshop and the personal satisfaction of each participant must be kept in mind that requires a spirit of adaptation, the ability to share reduced common spaces and great willingness to collaborate in everyday life (kitchen, corvette, displacements, etc.). Premises these conditions, for those who will nurture the right approach to a type of travel markedly adventurous and outside the usual there will be no deep breaths and constant enchantment. In order not to make the tour too burdensome, we will alternate overnights in the few campings of the park, equipped with showers, and nights in the desert areas, where we will be alone and the Death Valley. We will do a great shopping in Los Angeles before leaving and we will be completely free! It's a tour we've been thinking about for a long time; let's break the delay, let's do it! Flights included.

First night in hotel, 7 nights in Truck Camper

Truck Camper

Difficulty levels:
No difficult walks are planned. Possible easy walks in the nature for about 2 hours.

Number of participants:
Up to 10 students

Duration: 10 days
04/05/19 – 04/14/19


Visited places: Death Valley - California

All of the Death Valley.
Last overnight at Mojave desert or Joshua Tree National Park.

Workshop Price: € 2665

25% registration down payment by January 31, 2019.
Full payment 30 days before the departure.

Tour Leader:
Riccardo IMPROTA


Payment Method:



Visited places:

All of the Death Valley.
Last overnight at Mojave desert or Joshua Tree National Park.

Day 1: 04/05/19 Evening arrival at LAX LAX International Airport. Transfer to the hotel. Illustration of the workshop. Dinner and overnight.
Day 2: 04/06/19 Morning transfer from the hotel to the Truck Campers pickup location. Organization of crews. Food and drink supply. Arrival in afternoon in Death Valley. Dinner and overnight at camping.
Day 3: 04/07/19 Death Valley. Overnight in the backcountry.
Day 4: 04/08/19 Death Valley. Overnight at camping.
Day 5: 10/09/18 Death Valley. Overnight in the backcountry.
Day 6: 04/10/19 Death Valley. Overnight at camping.
Day 7: 10/11/18 Death Valley. Overnight in the backcountry.
Day 8: 04/12/19 Departure from Death Valley. Shooting the road and last overnight at camping (Mojave desert or Joshua Tree National Park).
Day 9: 04/13/19 Return vehicles to the camper center and transfer to LAX airport for return flights.
Day 10: 04/14/19 Arrival at destination.

What is included in the trip


  • Photo Workshopconstant professional support

  • FlightsFCO – LAX round trip (customizable for other departure airports)

  • 1 night Hotel, 7 nights Truck Camperdouble room in hotel, crew in camper

  • Transfers hotel-camper pick-up and return camper-airport

  • On board WI-FI connection where available


  • Meals

  • Airport charges

  • Fuel flat ratedues per passenger at the end of the trip

  • Trip Cancellation, Baggage loss and Medical Expense Insurancecompulsory

  • Parks and camping tickets

Important informations

FLIGHTS: flights, with Roma Fiumicino as departure airport, are included in the entrance fee, airport charges not included. Depending on the participants’ need to leave from different airports, the partnered travel agency for this workshop will find the best solution at a similar price to the one fixed for the tour.
VEHICLES: a self-drive formula is suggested for significant cost cutting. Some participants might be asked to be available for driving, showing their credit card as a guarantee. All vehicles are insured for damages for the value of the vehicle with deductible. In case of damage, not for fraud, on a vehicle the deductible (USD 1000) will be distributed per pax.
. For driving in the USA, an international driving license is not required. Without any volunteers, local drivers will be hired, with a significant cost increase. Driving a Truck Camper does not require special abilities: it is like driving a van and, with regard to the dimensions, there is no traffic there!
ESTA: for travelling in the USA, ESTA authorization must be requested in good time. The procedure is very simple and assisted, on Attention: use THIS link; some other links come out when searching, but they are private agencies that offer this service at a much higher price.
INSURANCE: Trip Cancellation, Baggage loss and Medical Expense Insurance (compulsory, with a cost of € 65 per person) covers a maximum of € 20000. In case, it is possible to integrate it with unlimited coverage of medical expenses with a direct request to Neotours travel agency.
PARTICIPATION: It is reiterated that participating in this workshop requires a spirit of adaptation and willingness to participate in all daily chores.

Supplemental fees

The price of the trip provides a treatment for one night in a double room. The request for accommodation in a single room, given the limited availability, will be managed in chronological order and requires this supplement. . Participants will always be assisted in finding a roommate. In the event of lack of availability, timely news will be given, with a consequent modification of the rate from double to single. All the remaining nights will be in the camper, sharing spaces and services.



  • Macchina fotografica

  • Ottiche a corredo

  • Cavalletto robusto

  • Scatto flessibile o telecomando

  • Caricabatterie macchina fotografica

  • Hard Disk o pendrive capiente

  • Schede di memoria


  • Giubbotto o giacca a vento

  • Indumenti con tasche

  • Un capo caldo

  • Scarponcini trekking

  • Calzature leggere

  • Copricapo estivo

  • Occhiali da sole

  • Antizanzare

  • Crema solare

  • Asciugamani in microfibra

  • Salviette inumidite

  • Senso dello humour

  • Passione nel fotografare

  • Voglia di scoprire luoghi unici

  • Capacità di adattamento

Available(on demand)

  • Sistema Leica M Monochrom

  • Apple MacBook Pro

  • Apple iPad Air2

  • Supporti Gitzo e Manfrotto


The down payment implies a commitment to participate to the workshop, which is coordinated by Neotours travel agency. Neotours adopts the following penal policy in case of cancellation by a participant: up to 31st January 2019 10% of the trip, after this date the penalty will be 100% of the value of the trip.



What described above is the planned trip program. We reserve the right to modify it in case of sudden events beyond our control. The reported details on these pages could be subject to change and discounting without notification. We reserve the right to cancel the tour in case the minimum number of participants is not reached. For reasons beyond our control, as tax variations and/or tax percentages variations, we reserve the right to update the trip price. All participants have to take the trip in good health conditions and must be able to carry their equipment autonomously during the walks.

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