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"I'm a photography novice. I've started with Riccardo Improta, a person and artist of great depth. I participated in my first workshop overcoming the fear of not yet having the right tools to keep up. I returned home after visiting wonderful places in an area that exudes energy, I met fantastic people for their hospitality and generosity, I shared with the group of participants special days full of exchanges of ideas and lots of fun. I always had my teacher by my side who observed and intervened by giving advice and technical indications, letting me peek into his car. Unique experience that allowed me with and through photography to find the precious space of surprise. To relive! "

Claudia R. - Etna 2022

"It has been my first experience of photography workshop. I started with an idea of ​​what to expect and found something much better. It far exceeded my expectations. The possibility of knowing the places to be able to locate the desired shot, without being bound to what the postcard shot is and the support of Riccardo always available to give indications to be able to create the image that was in my head and to improve my skills were the essential technical ingredients of the workshop. To this was added an excellent group, managed to perfection by Riccardo, who also made the aspect of the trip a success. Definitely an experience to repeat "

Andrea B. - Bretagne 2022

"It is not the first SLPW workshop with Riccardo Improta to which I participate and it will not even be the last one. Every time I am pleasantly surprised by the professionalism put in place, from all points of view, and by the friendly atmosphere that gives life to these workshops; elements that I also found in the workshop in Death Valley, which due to the peculiarity of the scenery and the originality of the chosen transport-overnight system was a unique experience and beyond what I could have expected. I've seen, photographed and lived places that you humans can't even imagine! Thanks to the truck campers we reached remote shooting locations and out of the mass tourism routes, places where I completely lost myself in the landscape. The idea of ​​using these means of transport was perfectly right: waking up in the middle of the desert or falling asleep with the howls of coyotes were signing experiences. Opening the door of the camper before dawn and being in the shooting location is priceless. In a nutshell: a unique travel and photographic experience."

Pier Paolo C. - Death Valley 2019

"Nature has always been at the center of my interests and I've always loved nature photography. I was lucky enough to be a student of Riccardo Improta, under whose teaching I attended several photography courses. To him I owe not only my knowledge in the photographic field but also the passion for the landscape that he was able to infuse me thanks to his ability to sense the interests, the propensities, the goals of each one. I followed him on many trips and I returned to Iceland several times. In location Riccardo never saves, making us discover unique places in the best hours for lighting conditions, stimulating us to search for our emotions in the landscape and advising us with discretion; always present but never invasive. In the SLPW workshops I have always found an excellent and extremely accurate organization, with a valid distribution of time between the incessant rhythms of shootings and moments of sharing. I highly recommend Scenic Landscape Photo Workshop to anyone who wants to live an unforgettable photographic and travel experience."

Gianluigi B. - Islanda 2019

"I’m just back from from Iceland and I still feel the magical dimension of that land. It was the first photographic workshop of my life, as well as the first trip alone. I faced it with great anxiety and I return full of enthusiasm and desire to continue the road taken, safer than I and my photography. I owe it mainly to Riccardo, who with his expertise and his passion has sensitized me to the charm of the landscape and taught me to look at it and take it back by letting myself go to the emotions; a teacher, able to guide each of the group and understand their needs. He made us discover enchanting places, lights and colors from dawn to night, where cold and fatigue are no longer heard. This atmosphere has helped to make the group immediately cohesive and close-knit, as if we had always known each other. At the end of the working day, the moments of relax in beautiful restaurants where food and beer contributed to making the atmosphere even more goliardic. They were four unforgettable days that left me wanting to leave as soon as possible. Thanks Riccardo."

Margherita B. - Islanda 2019

"I'm just back from a workshop in Iceland, yet the sensations are very vivid, I discovered enchanting places and new emotions, photography is the priority when traveling and being able to share the experience with people who have the same purpose as me is priceless. I met Riccardo in photo academy, one of the teachers who gave me more, in addition to the technique he taught me perseverance, tenacity and a new way of observing, that's why I've been waiting for years for the opportunity to be able to leave with him. He proved to be an excellent teacher and an attentive, helpful and enthusiastic traveling companion, everything was organized to perfection. I look forward to repeating the experience soon! "

Martina M. - Islanda 2019

The experience in Iceland was unique to me. I always wanted to know this land where nature is unspoiled and is the host. Scenic Landscape Photo Workshop gave me the opportunity to shoot in unrepeatable places and experience moments of joy with a group of people animated by the same passion for travel, photography and nature. Despite the few hours of rest, adrenaline, enthusiasm and passion guided us through the streets and snowy landscapes of Snaefellsness. And then the magic moment of the first aurora borealis that impresses itself in the sensor of the machine with a shout of joy. I thank Riccardo and all the traveling companions for this exciting experience that I will certainly repeat."

Alessandro C. - Islanda 2019

"I have been taking pictures for a long time in an absolutely amateurish way, more than anything else to document and remember my travels. I had the desire to improve my technical and expressive baggage and this workshop was a very formidable opportunity. For years I have been in love with Brittany, where I have returned several times and therefore the possibility of going there to take landscape photos was an unmissable opportunity: we visited beautiful and often uninhabited places, outside the tourist circuits, we had the chance to " work "calmly to our photographic ideas. Riccardo supported us in a discreet but effective way with advice from a true professional and for me it was an opportunity to grow as knowledge and skills. The organization of the trip was excellent: flights, cars, hotels all worked flawlessly. And then we also spent light time together with other photography enthusiasts. I believe that for all those who love the landscape, any level of photographic skills have, is an experience to be recommended. Thanks Riccardo! "

Luca G. - Bretagna 2019

"The adventure ended: it was beautiful. Nine willing and enthusiastic apprentices, led by a talented landscape photographer, animated by the desire to know and explore but, above all, to experience and express ourselves with our photos. I have personally experienced the thrill of living and immortalizing a place of unreal beauty, before which one remains dumbfounded, enchanted, enraptured. Riccardo brought us to the White Sands desert. He found this place of wonders for us; he showed it to us and patiently suggested how to portray it to the fullest. Two days that will remain forever in my heart. And then, burst photos in a thousand other locations, laughter, barbecues in the desert, frisbee games, visits to museums, on the road photo classes ....... In short, do not just read these comments. Do not go on the web to look for the (few) images of the White Sands National Monument to get an idea: AT THE DESERT OF WHITE SANDS IN NEW MEXICO YOU HAVE TO GO WITH SLPW!"

Alberto M. - New Mexico 2018

"The one in New Mexico was the first workshop with SLPW and, given the results, surely others will follow. Our tour leader Riccardo Improta proved to be a capable person both from a professional and organizational point of view, creating a 360 degree workshop where, in addition to the main topic, which could only be photography, we were confronted a little bit about everything , also leaving space for unforgettable "goliardic" moments. It was an opportunity for growth in an absolute sense. What about ... thank you! "

Stefano P. - New Mexico 2018

"My wife and I attended an edition of SLPW in New Mexico with Riccardo Improta. For me this was the fourth photo workshop with him and it will not be the last one, indeed ...In every occasion our teacher / friend Riccardo has always proved to be worthy and with his professionalism has made us live unique emotions. This time I wanted to involve my wife too; she was very hesitant in dealing with such an experience, but on our return she changed her mind, so much so that she asked me to immediately book the next workshop in Provence. The experience of photographing White Sands National Monument was mythical, immersed in silence in a surreal landscape of chalk sand, without taking anything away from the Very Large Array radio telescopes. I wanted to thank Riccardo Improta, not only for his irreproachable organization and his perfect timing to solve unexpected events, but for making my wife fall in love with photography. "

Daniele N. - New Mexico 2018

"I love traveling, traveling is a vital need for me, and photography is a passion rediscovered after years. I attended a SLPW workshop because I know Riccardo, professor of theory and photographic technique in a course attended this year. I had no doubts about his professional skills: it is clear and simple in the exposition, it is not lost in useless chatter but does not pass to another subject if there is someone who has not understood. I have had further confirmation in Lanzarote: it contaminates you with its passion for nature! The organization was impeccable, the small inconveniences overcome in the blink of an eye. It is a particular place in Lanzarote, having an experienced traveler photographer who helps you quickly get to understand the essence is essential. I had a lot of experience and I feel photographically grown up.I live in my heart, and my shots, the vivid colors of the volcanoes, the typical cultivation of the vine on the black earth, which draws on the territory strange semicircles, long semi-deserted streets, a myriad of cactus, the Atlantic, which declines endless varieties of blue. Wonder!"

Silvia C. - Lanzarote 2017

"I attended the workshop in Brittany as an absolute beginner and I was very happy with the experience, from all points of view: the competent teaching of Riccardo was personalized and able to enhance the attitudes of each of the participants, with great sensitivity to the requests of each one. I also found the moments of revision and discussion of the shots very interesting. The organization of the trip, with a careful selection of the itinerary and the hotel accommodations, was perfect, the landscapes of Brittany and the harmony that was created in the group did the rest. Thanks Riccardo!"

Maria Pia Z. - Bretagna 2019

“Discovering the world with a camera is my greatest passion. So I decided to join a group of people, interested in deepening their knowledge in landscape photography on the field just like me, and I attended a SLPW workshop in Lanzarote with tour leader Riccardo Improta. I met Riccardo at a school of Photography some years go. I appreciate him as a photographer, a teacher, and a person: that is why I wanted to take part in a workshop of his, sure I would grow in photo techniques, in the way I approach and translate the landscape into images. Lanzarote was a great, educational, and pleasant experience. Riccardo taught me some important things that have surely widened my creative possibilities. Thank you, Riccardo, and see you at the next workshop!”

Emanuela T. - Lanzarote 2017

“I heard about Iceland years ago, during a radio program about travelling. What caught my attention, and not by chance I think, was the story of a wandering photographer, who was always looking for new landscapes to tell. I had just bought my new Nikon and, as a self-taught, I was just approaching photography. That iced land started displaying in front of my eyes through the images drawn in my mind by that account, until I could at last see the light of those latitudes, thanks to a SLPW photo workshop with Riccardo Improta. Those who work and don’t have a chance to attend a photo course, like me, will appreciate the advantage of following a growth path on the field, with the constant presence of an outstanding professional. He’s able to support you technically without being invasive, to inspire you search for an intimate relationship with the landscape. Getting rid of that thrilling and alienation feeling Iceland leaves inside of you is impossible: your mind will incessantly keep navigating in its landscapes, guarding its memory!”

Federica M. - Iceland 2017

“I had always wanted to attend a landscape photo workshop, as a chance to combine the delight of discovering dream places with the possibility of improving as a photographer, learning from professionals. Among several options, I eventually chose SLPW, relying on the solidity of Riccardo Improta, whom I met during one of his many courses. Having an eight-day-experience in Brittany has definitely increased my technical knowledge and my expressive skills. Riccardo is a thoughtful professional, a great connoisseur of incredible locations, a wise planner, and an amazing fellow traveler. I’m going back home satisfied, keeping with me a deep breadth of the Breton landscape, a memory of wonderful group experiences and a desire to plan the next workshop!”

Ivan S. - Brittany 2017

“I attended the SLPW Brittany workshop with Riccardo Improta in February, 2017. What an unforgettable experience! I set off with some modest equipment and very little experience behind me, but I got very satisfying results thanks to the care and the professionality of Riccardo, who always supported me. What touched me the most was the strong emotional involvement: it wasn’t just about photographing a landscape; it was about living it and knowing it thoroughly, learning to go with the flow. The impeccable organization, the well-chosen spots to photograph, the right pace and the surprising team spirit contributed to the great success of this workshop.”

Alessandra R. - Brittany 2017

“In my imagination, Iceland has always represented an enigma. I naively thought I could undo the knots of the great North through photography, but the must of this SLPW was to add questions and to crystallize impressions. Led by a non-pushy leadership, enjoying impeccable organization and itinerary, we joined our individual paths in a common but still personal research through landscapes that exploded in the camera lens and in our eyes, matched with deep conversations. Charm and wonder, a farewell to the habits of our eyes: this is what I can express – you should absolutely live the rest together with Riccardo.”

Sara Z. - Iceland 2016

“I started travelling with SLPW several years ago, after meeting with Riccardo Improta, my teacher of Technique, Travel and Landscape at the academy. I attended workshops in the green Ireland, in the intriguing Middle East, and in Namibia, the land of a thousand colors. Every time, I grew both from a personal and photographical point of view. I learnt a lot: I was taught to see the light, to be in the right place at the right moment, to be demanding of myself, and at the same time to let loose searching for my purest instinct. During these workshops, I saw and photographed wonderful places; I slept in enchanting settings and made friends with a lot of beautiful people. Surely, this is an experience I suggest everybody does. Riccardo is a pro and an excellent teacher, who can convey his passion to all levels, making it yours too.”

Huimin K. - Namibia 2016

“My great passion? Travelling. It’s always been. Photography? A notebook to write down travel notes, I thought. Then, in 2008, my wife involved me in a photo workshop in Val d’Orcia with Riccardo Improta, even if I was still rough in terms of technical basics on the subject. She had been his student in one of his many courses of photography. Explaining what remained of this experience is impossible. It must be lived in person! Riccardo passes on two essential elements in his job: curiosity and passion (the motive of the workshop), conveyed through his teaching skills (able to even manage a heterogeneous group), his irony, his professionality and, last but not least, his punctual and precise organization (location, timing, logistics, accommodation, meals.) Everything was wrapped up in unquestioned quality. Today we’re coming back from our second workshop, Lucania. What has this left in me? A desire for leaving, again!”

Gabriele P. - Lucania 2016

“I attended a Scenic Landscape Photo Workshop in Iceland; it was wintertime. Organization, delight of travelling, unforgettable places and Riccardo’s experience were the basic elements of an experience I hope I can live again soon. The peculiarities of a teacher who is never invasive and brings with him a great wealth of professionality distinguish these workshops from many other offers on the market. I found it essential, at the end of this journey, to have a revision of my photo work done during the trip. Lastly, I did appreciate the team energy, which turned simple acquaintances in real friendships.”

Andrea G. - Iceland 2016

“I love photographing, and I attend several workshops to get better. I particularly appreciated those given by Riccardo Improta, and the passion with which they are planned and held. Despite all the improvisation you can find in other courses, I realized there was a deep knowledge of the travel destinations which, joined to professional and communicational skills make the attendance a safe choice. The amazing locales for taking shots, the general organization, the evening review sessions, Riccardo’s ability to manage and blend our groups make me choose SLPW every time. This way, I can have my moments of insight, but also amusement, for the sheer pleasure of travelling and photographing.”

Monia C. - Iceland 2015

“Taking pictures as a non-pro means to follow a passion, to engage your mind, to propose challenges, to question yourself, to reach goals and, most of all, to make your days meaningful, without having to wait for the weekend! Attending the SLPW workshops meets these expectations. Spending some days immersed in places where nature is the master and learning to let go; Learning to look and understand; learning to translate the emotion of the spot in images: these are the purposes of photographing. The tour leader who came with us, Riccardo Improta, offers all this with mastery and simplicity in a climate of joy and friendship, managing to measure out moments of laughter and relax with moments of work. Well done!”

Cristiano C. - Jordan 2014

“I have travelled, photographed and learned a lot in the SLPW held by Riccardo Improta. I decided to give continuity to my choice for more than a reason. To begin with, the technical and organizational professionality. Riccardo exploits every moment, even the moving times, to answer the questions of the participants and to introduce every location from a photographical and environmental point of view. The organizational aspect is taken care of in the details. Secondly, the targeted choices of locations respond to landscape and photographical difficulties, which are explained and discussed. Not least, a personalized relationship of the teacher with every participant during and after every session. I have always found the evening reviews very important. It was a chance to do analysis, exchange opinions, and grow photographically. At the end of every workshop, sometimes even tiring ones, you find out you have always learnt something new, which is the goal of every excellent photographic workshop.”

Claudio M. - Namibia 2016

“Leaving for a trip is always good, but leaving for a landscape photo workshop is a unique experience: you “breathe” the landscape, you become an integral part of it. Taking part in the SLPW in Iceland has been unforgettable; it was like going on the moon! And immersing ourselves in the fall of Abruzzo was nothing less. You go back home with a new awareness, with good memories and a lot of friends, with whom I can’t wait to leave again and photograph, share emotions, have fun and learn from someone who knows what he’s doing. Over the years, Riccardo has become a friend more than a “teacher”; he’s taught me so much. At the end of every trip, like every pro that deserves such a name, you still find him there, giving you tips on how to keep improving your snaps. Besides the technical skills, what I got from attending the SLPW was learning to understand the landscape and express it according to my feelings. This made me a better photographer.”

Alessandro G. - Iceland 2015

“I just got back from a few days of SLPW in Iceland. An experience I can describe with just one word: incredible. I’ve known Riccardo for some years now; he was my teacher at the academy. Besides his skills, I appreciate him a lot for his professionality and the devotion he shows in everything he does. His workshops are meticulously planned, nothing is left to chance, and this is what marks his work out. Not to mention the locales! The group was amazing and that made this experience even better. It was my first workshop, and it will be the first of many more.”

Gianfranco B. - Iceland 2016

“I started making pro photos in 2013, when I attended some academic courses, where I met Riccardo Improta. I have just attended one of his SLPW in Iceland, living emotions I will never forget. Riccardo is a skillful and humble teacher, who can train you on the field, making your path of study precious. He’s able to join very different people together, and to create a team that gets on well. He can bring out the best in you. Wonderful places, perfect planning, tiring but fruitful pace. Final sensation: a great step forward.”

Alessandro P. - Iceland 2016

“I have attended several SLPW, since this initiative started. Those who choose to take part in these stages on the field will find out how a photographic experience with Riccardo can make a difference. With a fast pace, everything was very intense. The itineraries were studied to seize the best nature can offer us, blowing us away and moving us at every shooting. To this, you can add Riccardo’s deep knowledge of the places, his professional skills, and his great communicativeness. All these are precious elements, if you want to learn and live breathtaking situations with a group of people who have the same passion for photography as you.”

Giulia C. - Ireland 2011

“This was my first SLPW experience, and it was really awesome. A great organization let us have an itinerary full of photo insights in the wonder of the places we visited. Riccardo’s great pace and availability in training us during our snaps was amazing. It was my first time in Iceland: I thank you all, fellow travelers, and I really hope I can be with you all again to visit and take pics of other places. Great locations, great commitment, great organization, professionality and fun: I would say this is the perfect mix for an unforgettable trip. Thanks so much! I do recommend this experience to you all.”

Chiara G. - Iceland 2016

“I came to know and attended SLPW thanks to Riccardo Improta, who was my teacher at the photo academy. I experienced these adventures several times, and every time I appreciated the wise choice of charming places, the enthusiasm in sharing experiences, a great organization for moves and accommodation, all planned for learning and teaching on the field. Riccardo, an attentive and experienced guide, is always able to give every participant the right theoretical and practical advice, the tip you actually need to make you grow and improve in your personal approach to the landscape. Last but not least, I have always lived amazing experiences with a group of people that later became my friends.”

Alessandro T. - Lanzarote 2013

“I attended one SLPW in Iceland, with tour leader Riccardo Improta. The trip was perfectly organized and the chosen locations revealed to be awesome. I appreciated Riccardo’s ability to help everybody adapting his suggestions to each one’s style, improving our results sensibly, without “forcing” our choices. Being able to exchange ideas and analyze the way others work under the same conditions helps widen your way of seeing things. I also found the final review of the shootings to be very useful. Riccardo’s comments are punctual and absolutely useful. In conclusion, I’m going back home after seeing incredible places, with excellent shots, an awareness of having learnt a lot, shared a memorable group experience, and with a desire to join the next workshop!”

Daniele O. - Iceland 2014

“I approached SLPW with Riccardo Improta because I felt magnetically attracted to photographic arts and to Riccardo’s special attitude. Over time, besides learning techniques, I discovered and appreciated that photography holds within itself the possibility of widening the way you look at life: through lens, day-to-day life, as well as exceptional events, can vary according to perspective, light, but also to the eyes and the hand on the lens. A 360° experience that I recommend everybody lives. It was like a journey you start but you never end. Thank you Riccardo!”

Andrea C. - Iceland 2014

“I take photos for the sheer pleasure of doing it, and I attended a SLPW in Tuscany with Riccardo Improta. I have a lot of good memories of great experiences, both photographic and human. The most intense moment I lived was in the middle of a high-wheat-ear field, ears that waved like ribbons in the wind, shining like gold, wrapped in the warm colors of Val d’Orcia at sunset. The silence of the countryside and the solitude of the fields: this was enough for me to disconnect from a frantic world and get connected to myself and with that hidden part of the world that hosts us. This was also a moment to get to know people and tell our stories, but most of all, it was an occasion to live and appreciate what has always there, within reach, but is too often neglected!”

Barbara S. - Tuscany 2014

“I was in Iceland in June 2015 for my first photo workshop, and the word that best describes that experience is THRILLING. From a photographic point of view, I’ve learnt a lot, thanks to Riccardo Improta’s precious tips. I could also discover wonderful landscapes and meet amazing people, my travelling companions. For all these reasons, I also attended the workshop in Namibia, which equaled the previous trip from an emotional point of view.”

Monica A. - Namibia 2016

“I attended a SLPW on Fall colors in Abruzzo. Everything was perfect, from the organization to the accommodation, but it was especially Riccardo Improta’s teaching commitment to make it a really constructive experience. I have attended other workshops, but they have never been much more than a vacation: they had no educational aspects.”

Antonio C. - Abruzzo 2015

“There’s a memory that well explains what taking part in a SLPW with Riccardo Improta meant to me. We were in Lanzarote, in a wonderful, lunar landscape made of lava and volcanos. I was stuck. I could not translate my strong sensations into images. Riccardo made me sit on the floor, inviting me to touch the ground with my hand to establish a physical contact, and then leaving me alone. It did work! Photographing a landscape has become my deepest passion; it never stops pulsating inside of me.”

Gino D. - Lanzarote 2011

“When I came to know that Riccardo was organizing a workshop in Val d’Orcia, I decided to attend it with great enthusiasm, involving even my husband in it. I had had the luck of meeting Riccardo as a teacher at a photo course and he struck me for his competence, his passion, and the solidity of his teaching. The workshop went way beyond our best expectations. It was an intense experience, during which we could enjoy the combination of two main interests of ours: photography, and a love for open air activities to enjoy the landscape. I must also add that Riccardo, besides being meticulous in his planning and very thoughtful in leading the attendees during the workshop, has a sharp and natural sense of humor, because of which the atmosphere in our group was really pleasant.”

Roberta B. - Tuscany 2008

“Attending a SLPW with tour leader Riccardo Improta let me interact with ever changing, challenging and exciting photo sceneries. The workshop organization is such that every participant gets in total connection with the landscape, in photographical and emotional terms: there’s the shooting moment, and there’s you and nature, and silence, and your inner perception of the place. Then there’s the sharing moment with the rest of the group. The constant and discrete presence of Riccardo and his professional skills make you improve your photo approach to places, leaving you free to release your individual interpretation and creativity. This is a workshop for all those who want to learn to feel the landscape, immersing in really unique settings, taking advantage of an impeccable organization that takes care of everybody’s needs.”

Gabriella N. - Namibia 2016

“I met Riccardo Improta thanks to one of his beautiful photos of Icelandic icebergs; I was so impressed. The next year, as if by magic, I celebrated my birthday there, among icebergs, during one of his workshops. Unforgettable! His courses on the field, minutely organized, are a precious occasion to get in close “photo contact” with breathtaking sceneries. His approach is always wisely measured and strongly specialized. I’ve learnt a lot drawing from his experience, and I’ll surely travel with SLPW again.”

Cristina N. - Iceland 2016

“I’ve taken part in SLPW with Riccardo Improta several times, both in Italy and abroad. They have all been unforgettable experiences for me and my growth as a photographer. Over the days we spent together in wonderful locations, I could constantly enrich my technical skills and expand my creativity, always receiving great advice on how to approach the reality that surrounds me according to my sensitivity. Competence, professionality, motivation in teaching, love for sharing and aggregative ability make the SLPW led by Riccardo appointments not to be missed.”

Lorenzo C. - Namibia 2016

“I attended a SLPW expedition trip to Iceland with Riccardo Improta. I normally organize my photo travels on my own, but this time I decided to join this adventure, as suggested by a friend of mine. I am very satisfied of this experience for the professionality and experience of our tour leader, the deep knowledge of the places and of the best moments to take shots of them, the constant technical support, the impeccable organization, the extreme care of every detail, and a great group spirit. Gotta do it again!”

Luca B. - Iceland 2016

“When I took part in a SLPW with tour leader Riccardo Improta, I could refine my technical awareness and especially find a valid support to improve my artistic path and my photo experience. I had already had a chance to enjoy Riccardo’s professionality following his academic courses, where he taught me the basic rules of the digital world. I think Riccardo can boast a special place in the present photo professional scene for his mission, his solidity, his accurate preparation and attention in presenting his vision of photography. The organization of the trip was thoughtful and effective, the learning was concrete and the group was great.”

Francesca V. - Tuscany 2011

“I decided to attend a SLPW with Riccardo Improta following a tip from a friend who was a student of his in an annual course at the academy. At that time, I was just an amateur; I had a “good eye”, but few technical and theoretical bases. It was an amazing experience, under every point of view, and I learnt a lot. I appreciated Riccardo’s professionality in bringing out the photographer in you, without pressing or guiding you to paths you don’t belong to. Since I enjoyed the course and I realized I was growing in photography, I kept following SLPW courses in Italy and abroad, cherishing any acquired knowledge and living unforgettable photographic trips.”

Laura G. - Lanzarote 2012

“Riccardo Improta is an amazing professional photographer and teacher. He makes the photographic technique simple and intuitive; he teaches you to understand the landscape and express your emotional involvement through your photos. The SLPW are impeccable under the logistic-organizational view, and all the proposed locations were splendid. I felt at ease in the photographers group that shared this experience with me, spending days (and early mornings) in great company.”

Ilaria B. - Tuscany 2009

“During the SLPW in Val D’Orcia I attended, I had the luck to take shots of amazing landscapes, some of which are not even popular, always in the best moments. And not by chance! Riccardo is really a great professional: competent, available, and very passionate in conveying his knowledge. He totally masters the places he will take you to discover: the locations and all the moves are accurately planned. You can enjoy nice moments together sharing photography and life experiences. Attending one of his workshops won’t help only your photo techniques, but will also help you mature a more intimate and personal approach to landscape photography.”

Alessandro Z. -

“A SLPW in Iceland was a wonderful experience! I had a deep contact with nature, which I found elegant and wild. I’m grateful for the photo purpose of a trip that always offers the right time to observe, breathe, and snap. I loved the heterogeneous and crazy group of people that made this experience even more special. Thank you Riccardo, great teacher, organizer and lovely fellow traveler.”

Debora M. - Iceland 2013

“I took part in a SLPW with Riccardo Improta. It was a complete experience in a perfect balance between learning photo techniques, developing sensitivity to places and emotional research. During the photo sessions on the field, Riccardo was able to make these characteristics converge in me, respecting my photographic sensitivity, thus improving it, and not everybody can do that! Many of his tips and teachings are still very useful for my passion, which is my job now. A great experience that can only make you a better photographer!”

Virginia S. - Tuscany 2012

“In May, 2015, I took part in a wonderful photo experience, a SLPW with Riccardo Improta, in search of breathtaking views of the natural parks in Utah and Arizona. Having Riccardo as a guide turned this experience in an unforgettable adventure. Riccardo knows the best spots to photograph, and he knows how to capture their light and make them magic. This workshop was a unique occasion for me to improve my photo skills with great people who shared the same passion as me for photography and on-the-road trips. I will never forget the dawns, the sunsets, the music and the much laughter that will always stay in my memory.”

Luisa P. - USA 2015

“I have attended several SLPW. Thanks to Riccardo Improta, I’ve been to wonderful places, both near home and far away: Iceland, Jordan, Lanzarote Island, Val d’Orcia, and Abruzzo. SLPW organization is always impeccable. The spirit of sharing affects all the participants, and it is the added value that, together with Riccardo’s teachings, made my growth possible. The cherry on the cake is that Riccardo, before being tour leader and organizer of workshops, is a photo teacher and has a vast experience. This makes the difference when it comes to reviewing the pics, the technical sessions, and the post-production. My notebook is always full at the end of every workshop!”

Mirko M. - Abruzzo 2013

“I attended some SLPW with tour leader Riccardo Improta. Unfortunately, just some. My free time is very limited and I couldn’t take part in all of them as I wanted. Riccardo, a professional I got to know at the academy, is a fantastic organizer and discoverer of places and extremely catchy situations. In these trips, it is important to put all the participants together, who might have different expectations even sharing the same passion. Riccardo is an amazing travelling companion, able to involve everybody and make them grow.”

Marco L. - Lanzarote 2010

“I attended a SLPW in Val d’Orcia with tour leader Riccardo Improta in 2009. I spent three incredible days: a full immersion in landscape photography, moving from theory to practice. Riccardo chose the best locales and day moments for us to snap. He supported and helped us one by one, always giving an answer to our questions. In three days, I learned a lot on this kind of photography. What can I say? He’s a great teacher, a great photographer and a great person. An experience worth repeating!”

Annalisa N. - Tuscany 2009

“I took part in a SLPW with tour leader Riccardo Improta in Iceland, winter 2016. It was a fantastic experience with a person who spontaneously communicates his love and passion for photography and makes it sink deep inside of you. I have a beautiful memory that comes back to my mind every time I look at the pics I took on those days. I learnt a lot of new things that let me photograph with a greater awareness today. Riccardo is one of those people I wish you all who love being on this side of the lens can meet.”

Luca M. - Iceland 2016

“I’ve attended more than one SLPW, since I appreciated the efficiency of the organization that lets photographers focus totally on their objective. For me, photography is not just a means through which you freeze unique, often magic, moments. To live deep emotions, you need a real teacher, an expert guide who can spur and direct your potentiality and energies in an effective photo production. I was lucky to find all this in photographer Riccardo Improta. My adventure companions have contributed to the great outcome of these trips; there has always been a great team spirit. In conclusion, these were much more than just photo workshops: they were discovery trips of places, things, people, starting with ourselves.”

Francesca S. - Iceland 2013

“With SLPW my passion for photography and travelling consolidated. During the workshops you have a unique chance to observe the territory, understand it and make it yours through the camera; you receive information, tips and insights from photographer Riccardo Improta, who is always careful in sharing teachings fit to every level of knowledge. We were followed in every stage: framing, snap, review, and post-production. We finally shared impressions and competences together with an enthusiastic group of participants. I have always found availability, collaboration and, most of all, joy. We shared a life experience more than landscape photography.”

Irene C. - Lucania 2016

“My adventure started one day in front of a landscape picture taken by Riccardo Improta, who was telling and showing his pictures and his trips. After one month, I attended his photo technique and reportage lessons. Besides my appreciation of his style, I chose to attend his workshops because I wanted to have a direct experience to widen my theoretical knowledge on composition, study of the light, and approach to different landscapes. Today, I can say it was a formative and challenging experience that took me to great destinations where I felt the landscape was my home…staring at it and admiring its beauty. I attended four workshops. I would say there is always a balanced combination of organization, attractive locations, the right energy in a group united by the same passion, professionality, and a review of the pics at the end of the day. It’s a winning formula for all who want to seriously learn and find the emotions and atmosphere a landscape can give you.”

Arianna C. - Kapadokya 2015

“It was great to participate in a SLPW held by Riccardo Improta. I appreciated the professionality that characterized all the training, from the presentation of the places to the planning of the shootings, to the editing and the post-production. What marks out the SLPW and the tour leader is the innate passion and a strong sense for sharing; this made me use what I learned with simplicity and conviction. I would surely suggest SLPW if you love photography and nature.”

Marcello P. - Tuscany 2010

“In the last years I’ve attended several photo workshops, but the SLPW led by Riccardo Improta have surely gone beyond any personal expectation for his enthusiasm, love, professionality, and commitment. The choice of the places to photograph, but also those to sleep, eat, talk, and post-produce, is always impeccable. Every participant has always been taken care of, but never influenced in their creative choices.”

Osvaldo S. - Iceland 2013

“My SLPW with Riccardo Improta have been special photo and life experiences. You feel carried away with enthusiasm in a group event that was surely educational and entertaining. Riccardo is able to immediately find out every student’s inclination. The high technical competence and a traveler’s spirit he fully shares help everyone improve their way of photographing with a better awareness. In other words, you feel supported and motivated in a growth path where you feel free but directed by a skilled hand to express your potentiality."

Annarita J. - Lanzarote 2015

“This was a photographic full immersion that went far beyond my expectations. I attended a SLPW in the Middle East with Riccardo Improta. We visited places I had always wanted to see and photograph. The workshop, excellently organized in the choice of the locales, the timings and the offered services, gave me the chance to improve my approach to landscape and travel photography. My identity as a photographer has grown. Riccardo always shows to be very professional in helping you discretely but constantly. He helped me make the images I had in my mind, spurring me to go further. The group was amazing. This experience is worth repeating!”

Enrico T. - Jordan 2014

“I took part in a SLPW in Val d’Orcia with Riccardo Improta. It was a unique experience, both for my photographical growth and for the emotional involvement I lived through the whole course. I learnt a lot. I got moved by the light of the dawn, and fascinated by the silence. I lived amazing places, I saw space and felt time in a totally new way. Riccardo is an outstanding photographer and teacher: he communicates everything he knows without holding anything back. Now I can communicate my landscape through images, and that is exactly what I wanted to get from this workshop. Moreover, I feel enriched, more aware in the use of the camera, which I’m currently using in my job.”

Sofia DG. - Toscana 2013

"I had several chances to take part in the SLPW photo workshops. Every time I could appreciate the competence, the devotion and the communicational skills of Riccardo Improta, the tour leader of the trips I chose to take. Riccardo, excellent professional and amazing fellow traveler managed to open my mind on the meaningfulness of the landscape, introducing me to a professional photo approach. Impeccable choice of locales, top quality organizational level.”

Emiliano V. - USA 2015

“Taking part in a SLPW photo workshop with tour leader Riccardo Improta was a breathtaking adventure, a unique and extremely funny experience, a discovery trip both inside and outside of me. Riccardo speaks to his students looking straight into their eyes, making it easy to start a creative dialogue between photographer and light, places, landscapes, elements and cultures. He has a well-planned itinerary every day, yet with a new intuition and taste all the time. Pics are taken in the silence, surrounded by the whispers of nature. You look; you think; you laugh; you get to know others; you get to know yourself; you get to recognize yourself; you learn.”

Filomena LT. - Iceland 2014

"I have attended several photo workshops, but I was impressed by SLPW for the great synergy within the several components that make it up: photographical and educational most of all, but also organizational, cultural and aggregative. Riccardo Improta, tour leader of the trips I joined, is an attentive and extremely available professional. I really had a great time! These were the workshops where I learnt the most, those that let me grow on the field as in a real classroom.”

Assunta M. - Namibia 2016

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