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About us

Passion for photography, a desire to visit exclusive places, to deeply understand them and to express their essence summing up what you see and hear with images of great visual impact and strength: these are the basic values on which SLPW has been building its photo labs since 2008, organized with a special attention to the educational, cultural, experiential and satisfactional aspect, qualitatively expressed in every single workshop.

Scenic Landscape Photo Workshops are intensive photo courses, which are carefully conceived and realized by professionals. The workshops are addressed to all those who want to expand their technical and expressive skills through a photo experience on the field, immersed in unique sceneries where Nature shows itself in all its splendor and time beats at a different rhythm.

All the chosen destination and location are absolute landscape icons, personally known by the photographers/tour leaders. They reveal to be excellent for our workshops, granting a continuous flow of deeply inspirational moments. Itineraries are studied and planned to offer a wide range of photo settings where you can find ever new and creative sparks.

Every participant is constantly supported when taking his pictures by expert pros who discretely assist them under all the technical and creative views, answering thoroughly every question and having continuous reviewing of the work done. For every “not too itinerant” workshop there are common sessions of editing and post-production. Coming back from every trip, a selection of the produced material is always viewed and commented in a closing lesson with a one-to-one analysis and evaluation with the tour leader.

SLPW workshops will make you know, photograph, and live some of the most fascinating geographical areas on the Planet, privileged stages where you can learn and do photography, feel the author of your pics and, last but not least, get enthusiastic in unforgettable group experiences.

Lead Photographer

Riccardo Improta (Rome, 1965) is an internationally recognized landscape&travel photographer. In 25 years, he has realized lots of photo sessions and photo productions in some of the most fascinating sceneries of the planet. His pictures, snapped both digitally and on medium format film, are estimated and sold all over the world. He continually updates his limited edition catalogues of fine-art prints, of which he personally supervises the working process. For more than fifteen years he’s been matching photography with his love for communication: theory, technique, landscape, travel photography, architecture, abstraction photography. He extends his professional advice to prestigious academies both in Italy and abroad. He is the didactic director oh the Centro Romano di Fotografia. He contributes to research projects on RAW development software and is Digital Colorimetry certified. His research project on “WideWorld” landscape, aimed at portraying the most spectacular naturalistic locations on Earth, started to help make people aware of environmental issues. In 2008, he took part in the foundation of Scenic Landscape Photo Workshop, ready to lead professional photographers and amateurs to the discovery of the landscape and its significance. He has since carried out dozens of workshops/life experiences in four continents. He’s ambassador for Millet and Manfrotto brands, receiving technical support from Gitzo, Lee Filters, HPRC, Lexar, and Campo Base Outdoor Equipment.

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