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5 days | 12/14/22 – 12/18/22

The most unbelievable landscapes of the Anatolian plateau, magical and surreal atmospheres to be captured photographically also by flying over the area at dawn, in a hot air balloon.


2 days | 10/22/22 – 10/23/22

Two landscape photography days at Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Lazio e Molise


1 days | 11/06/22 – 11/06/22

A sunday shooting at Bosco del Sasseto.

"Mi sono scoperto a sognare di essere altrove. Ma perchè, invece, non andarci?" (J.Morrison)

Expand technical and creative skills, get inspired and be overwhelmed by the appeal of travelling

Be led to the most breathtaking and unique natural locales on earth by image professionals

Consolidate authorial identity, standing still in the free flow of time and space

Live unforgettable life experiences with people who share the same passion as you

"I'm a photography novice. I've started with Riccardo Improta, a person and artist of great depth. I participated in my first workshop overcoming the fear of not yet having the right tools to keep up. I returned home after visiting wonderful places in an area that exudes energy, I met fantastic people for their hospitality and generosity, I shared with the group of participants special days full of exchanges of ideas and lots of fun. I always had my teacher by my side who observed and intervened by giving advice and technical indications, letting me peek into his car. Unique experience that allowed me with and through photography to find the precious space of surprise. To relive! "

Claudia R. - Etna 2022

“This was a photographic full immersion that went far beyond my expectations. I attended a SLPW in the Middle East with Riccardo Improta. We visited places I had always wanted to see and photograph. The workshop, excellently organized in the choice of the locales, the timings and the offered services, gave me the chance to improve my approach to landscape and travel photography. My identity as a photographer has grown. Riccardo always shows to be very professional in helping you discretely but constantly. He helped me make the images I had in my mind, spurring me to go further. The group was amazing. This experience is worth repeating!”

Enrico T. - Jordan 2014

“I decided to attend a SLPW with Riccardo Improta following a tip from a friend who was a student of his in an annual course at the academy. At that time, I was just an amateur; I had a “good eye”, but few technical and theoretical bases. It was an amazing experience, under every point of view, and I learnt a lot. I appreciated Riccardo’s professionality in bringing out the photographer in you, without pressing or guiding you to paths you don’t belong to. Since I enjoyed the course and I realized I was growing in photography, I kept following SLPW courses in Italy and abroad, cherishing any acquired knowledge and living unforgettable photographic trips.”

Laura G. - Lanzarote 2012

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