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5 days | 09/24/22 – 09/28/22

The wildest of Canary islands discovered in a cool photographic workshop between volcano area, oceanic beaches and the charatheristic architectures on Cesar Manrique.


2 days | 10/22/22 – 10/23/22

Two landscape photography days at Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Lazio e Molise


5 days | 12/14/22 – 12/18/22

The most unbelievable landscapes of the Anatolian plateau, magical and surreal atmospheres to be captured photographically also by flying over the area at dawn, in a hot air balloon.

"Mi sono scoperto a sognare di essere altrove. Ma perchè, invece, non andarci?" (J.Morrison)

Expand technical and creative skills, get inspired and be overwhelmed by the appeal of travelling

Be led to the most breathtaking and unique natural locales on earth by image professionals

Consolidate authorial identity, standing still in the free flow of time and space

Live unforgettable life experiences with people who share the same passion as you

“I love photographing, and I attend several workshops to get better. I particularly appreciated those given by Riccardo Improta, and the passion with which they are planned and held. Despite all the improvisation you can find in other courses, I realized there was a deep knowledge of the travel destinations which, joined to professional and communicational skills make the attendance a safe choice. The amazing locales for taking shots, the general organization, the evening review sessions, Riccardo’s ability to manage and blend our groups make me choose SLPW every time. This way, I can have my moments of insight, but also amusement, for the sheer pleasure of travelling and photographing.”

Monia C. - Iceland 2015

"It is not the first SLPW workshop with Riccardo Improta to which I participate and it will not even be the last one. Every time I am pleasantly surprised by the professionalism put in place, from all points of view, and by the friendly atmosphere that gives life to these workshops; elements that I also found in the workshop in Death Valley, which due to the peculiarity of the scenery and the originality of the chosen transport-overnight system was a unique experience and beyond what I could have expected. I've seen, photographed and lived places that you humans can't even imagine! Thanks to the truck campers we reached remote shooting locations and out of the mass tourism routes, places where I completely lost myself in the landscape. The idea of ​​using these means of transport was perfectly right: waking up in the middle of the desert or falling asleep with the howls of coyotes were signing experiences. Opening the door of the camper before dawn and being in the shooting location is priceless. In a nutshell: a unique travel and photographic experience."

Pier Paolo C. - Death Valley 2019

"I had several chances to take part in the SLPW photo workshops. Every time I could appreciate the competence, the devotion and the communicational skills of Riccardo Improta, the tour leader of the trips I chose to take. Riccardo, excellent professional and amazing fellow traveler managed to open my mind on the meaningfulness of the landscape, introducing me to a professional photo approach. Impeccable choice of locales, top quality organizational level.”

Emiliano V. - USA 2015

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